Milk and School

Normally my Friday mornings are always hectic. My milk arrives at the church parking lot at 8:30 and I have an hour to go and grab it. Add into the mix that I barter a loaf of bread with our dairyman in exchange for some of the milk and I have to get up extra early to bake a loaf of bread and toss it into a tea towel to bring along. Now in my greater moments I manage to actually do all this and attend the daily mass that is the entire reason my milk happens to be in the church parking lot. In one day that I record in infamy I actually managed to not only swing bread, mass and milk but confessions afterwards as well!
In reality I am usually grabbing my milk in a mad dash at the last possible moment before the car drives away. This morning I am enjoying a lucky break since my neighbor down the road is getting the milk and in exchange I am picking up his teenage daughters from their homeschool co-op later in the day.

I am hoping that things will be less hurried this year. I have been working on organization and I am still a long way off but there have been little milestones these past few months that make me feel like progress is possible. I have come full circle with my homeschooling this year to go back to the Charlotte Mason curriculum that I started Angelica on.
We have done loads of different styles of learning over the last few years and while I had a brief affair with a classical curriculum, a frolic in the fields with Waldorf, and am thankful for the exposure we have had to Montessori via their Atrium, I have realized that of all the methods and curriculums available, the best argument for something is, it works and my kids like it. (They do complain about copywork and math, which, lets face it, are the dishes and laundry of all schoolwork.)
Oh and I like it too. I like reading living stories to my kids and taking them for nature walks. I like having beauty alongside truth and goodness and not collecting dust is closet. I like letting them make connections themselves slowly. Yes, my kids will probably always be “behind” in math. But the beauty of Charlotte Mason’s philosophy is in its approach to the whole child and that it is very much a “little way” of learning.
Which brings me to my quote for the year which when I discovered it, I wrote it on my planner’s front cover.

Start by doing what is necessary, then what is possible,
And suddenly you are doing the impossible.

St. Francis. Of Assisi

Alright fellow homeschoolers Here is too a good years. We can reconvene over cocktails when we hit burnout come February! 😉



Can I stay here?

The last few days have been perfect. The mornings have been crisp and cool and I have greeted my coffee with a sweater. The light golden and hinting at the first bit of fall. The days long and the pace unhurried. We have put a hold on that bustle of high summer, in this turn. The trips to the creek and the pool have subsided temporarily with this unexpected burst of coolness. My neighbor brought a bushel of peaches and this morning Julia is cutting cut mushy ones into a peach crisp. I sit nursing Ronia on the couch.
It is a bit too early for fall cleaning, The big girls aren’t in the throes of the school year activities. In my mind there is so much to do, assemble fall clothing and purchase new books. Sort papers and laundry, and yet this little bit of fall weather comes too early without fall business. It is such a gift and I want to hold on to it. I sit here on the couch and look at the golden light and think, can I just stay here forever? With Ronia holding onto her last bit of babyhood, the summer holding onto its last golden hours, and me living in this time-stopping present?