Can I stay here?

The last few days have been perfect. The mornings have been crisp and cool and I have greeted my coffee with a sweater. The light golden and hinting at the first bit of fall. The days long and the pace unhurried. We have put a hold on that bustle of high summer, in this turn. The trips to the creek and the pool have subsided temporarily with this unexpected burst of coolness. My neighbor brought a bushel of peaches and this morning Julia is cutting cut mushy ones into a peach crisp. I sit nursing Ronia on the couch.
It is a bit too early for fall cleaning, The big girls aren’t in the throes of the school year activities. In my mind there is so much to do, assemble fall clothing and purchase new books. Sort papers and laundry, and yet this little bit of fall weather comes too early without fall business. It is such a gift and I want to hold on to it. I sit here on the couch and look at the golden light and think, can I just stay here forever? With Ronia holding onto her last bit of babyhood, the summer holding onto its last golden hours, and me living in this time-stopping present?


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