I write, cook and manage a home with my artist husband, four unschooled/ homeschooled daughters, two finches, a cat, and some chickens.

As the daughter of an Italian emigrant the fondest memories I have are of mushroom hunting on the Mendocino coast.

Mushrooms symbolize the searched for but hidden, the unexpected. They arrive seemingly out of nowhere, sometimes found after hours of searching, other times randomly encountered. If in this world there are shortcuts to the places where such things are we must take them.

This blog explores the modern tension between homecraft and reclaiming a space for women and the call of the road, travel and adventure. As someone who is learning homecraft on the fly as an adult I am always exited for shortcuts to learning skills that took millennia to refine. At the same time I look forward to the possibility of a shifting dynamic as women come forward to rebuild local economies.


One thought on “About

  1. Anna, it was so nice to meet you and Ben and your family when we went down to the Schmiedicke’s house to slaughter the pig. Thank you for all of your help!

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